Web site and advocacy

I added a Twitter feed on the library web page.  Why?  Well, I was reading my blogline feeds today and saw a recent post from Hey Jude, a powerpoint from Nathan Wright and Hilary Brown discusses Library 2.0 .  Although a lot of the information is directed to public libraries, the examples of how public libraries are using twitter stood out to me.  The Wabaunsee Community College Todd Library not only includes quotes, links to helpful sources, but also usage statistics.  How could this be used in the school library? 

1.  Post usage statistics in a way to get students to use the site (see current post) and to make others aware of the sources used most often.

2.  Instead of shouting out, “this is the best source” or reminding students of a specific link – post it on the Twitter which then shows on the front web page.

3.  When students set up an iGoogle account, have a twitter badge ready for them to post on their page – you can provide updates, new books, instructional information, etc. This one seems pretty easy to set up and if you have younger ages, you could provide a fun picture too.

I posted the code on our library web page, so students would easily see it.  Hopefully, we will receive some feedback from students and evaluate the usefulness of this tool.

Now I need to ask myself if the site is too busy for the 21st century learner – or do they appreciate polls, librarything, wikis, gadgets, widgets, and other links…

One thought on “Web site and advocacy

  1. This is fantastic! So good to see people experimenting and adopting new media tools to promote good libraries. You have a lovely web-page as well. I’m embarrased to say that our school hasn’t allowed us to advance in this direction yet – but it will come! So we use our Web 20 tools at our disposal to ‘hang off’ our intranet. Congrats on the innovation!